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Exclusive pins with your avatars

The pins will finally be ready by the start of the Wiesn in 2023. We are just discussing the last design elements before we commission them.

After all, everyone who likes should wear this pin on their janker, hat or dirndl.

As soon as we have a clear design, we will post the first pictures here.

We are very much looking forward to the upcoming Wiesn & hope to see everyone.

Your SFZ Club

SFZC NFT examples

Deluxe appetizer board & lottery 2023

Each member will receive a deluxe appetizer board set on the table. In addition, we will announce the table lottery among all members in time.

The same goes for the permanent admission ticket Lottery. We will probably mix a Raffle of all Holder addresses and let a random number generator decide which address wins. Good luck to all of you.

The Schützenfest tent in the Metaverse

Meta what? The Metaverse is like a digital computer world. We believe that in the next few years it will play an increasingly important role in the field of events, lifestyle and fashion. Already more & more events are taking place in such worlds worldwide. To be prepared for the future, we are taking small steps towards Metaverse. Of course, it remains to be said that the Wiesn in the real world will always have priority for us. And yet it is important to move with the times. After all, today’s Wiesn is a completely different one compared to how it once began. And you, dear members, always have your finger on the pulse of time.

Your advantages

Prioritized table reservations starting in 2023

As an NFT owner, a deluxe appetizer board is always included at your table.

Lottery – every year there is a table to win incl. 10 beer and 10x grilled chicken + potato salad

IRL Events (In real life Events) – Tba.

Your avatar as an exclusive pin (numbered)

Each year 5 members will be randomly selected to receive a VIP pass for the tent.

More benefits will follow over time….

Your direct contact to us

You have questions, suggestions or even complaints?

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